Female talent and power: “Bread and roses”.

March 8 is a date marked in purple on the calendar. Millions of people around the world demonstrate to celebrate International Women’s Day. But, what is the real origin of this commemoration?

Although the history of this day goes back hundreds of years and is the result of several historical events, there was one event that marked history: the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist textile factory in New York in 1911. At the time of the fire in the factory, where hundreds of women worked, the owners sealed the exits to prevent theft by the workers. As a result, most of them were trapped inside the factory and burned to death or died from the impact after falling out of the windows. This tragedy led to the birth of the International Union of Women Textile Workers and a series of demands under the name “bread and roses” in which women demanded an improvement in working conditions and demanded the right to vote for women.

Years later, and after several incidents that reflected the unjust situation women faced on a daily basis, United Nations stipulates in 1977 on Women’s DayThe day on which women’s achievements are recognized regardless of divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

Thus, Valkyrie is a clear example of female self-improvement. The team is made up mostly of women who inspire and demonstrate women’s value for the job, thus forming a panel of unparalleled talent. That’s why… We invite you to meet each of them!

Iolanda Triviño CEO & Founder Valkiria Group

Founder of Valkiria Hub Space with more than 15 years of experience, she has made it possible to reach thousands of people with her ideas and projects in an innovative way. In addition, it expanded the range of experiences by creating Institute For Futures by Valkyrie, an open innovation community with a futuristic vision that focuses on building a better working world. In this way, his experience, intelligence and skill have been key elements in the company’s growth and positioning.

Lisset Cruz – Commercial Director

The energy and charm of Valkiria Hub Space. In her day-to-day work she demonstrates her passion for the world of events and her great skill and exceptionality in dealing with clients. She is pure talent mixed with methodology, her attitude is what makes it all work and what has led her to become Director of Valkyrie.

Estephanie Ramirez – Marketing & Communication Strategist Valkiria IFF

She is energy, perseverance and productivity. She has the necessary ingredients to lead the Communication and Marketing Department of Valkiria Institute For Futures. His conviction and confidence are his secret weapons for innovation and his empathy and attention to detail are his ace for teamwork.

Ana Eguren
– Marketing & Communications Strategist Valkiria Hub Space

Valkyrie’s journalist is the best at handling a large volume of assignments. She is determined, open to new challenges and responsible, which allows her to successfully lead the Communication and Marketing Department of Valkiria Hub Space. She is careful and methodical in carrying out her projects. In addition, his way of working with the team and his incredible potential make it possible for the work dynamic to be effective and fluid.

Marina Carrillo Junior Social Media

Publicist with the most creative ideas and willing to overcome new challenges every day. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn help the team move forward in the product and content creation process. Always ready to be a team player and bring a smile to our faces from the very beginning.

Claudia Pisfil – Content Generation

Passionate about reading, researching and writing to tell stories in a natural and approachable way. The Valkyrie Institute For Futures journalist is friendly and willing to lend a hand when you need it. Thanks to these qualities and his always positive and assertive attitude, he makes it possible to generate effective content.

Alba Montes – Junior Product Strategist

She is organized and energetic, eager to learn, team player and always willing to solve your doubts while maintaining an active listening. She is passionate about activities where knowledge and the exchange of ideas take precedence.

This is Valkiria‘s female team, thanks to the union, diversity and support we get the best of us to bring our skills, creativity and productivity to the team.


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