Back to face-to-face: tips to create the ideal event

As we have told you in previous blogs, the MICE sector is slowly but surely picking up and 2022 will be the year of recovery. Corporate events or congresses are becoming more and more popular to recover the direct contact that makes companies human. In addition, this type of event brings many benefits, such as giving visibility or improving the company’s reputation.

For that reason, we need to start thinking again about what makes your event unique and successful. In this way, Valkiria gives you some tips that will make your event ideal.

Inclusion of activities: the WOW effect

In the case of the MICE sector, although corporate events may seem boring, that is a myth that we at Valkiria have disproved on many occasions. Creativity is the key to surprise your guests in any type of event and thanks to innovation it is possible.

In this way, including fun activities, where you interact with the audience, can be the key to make your event ideal and memorable. A good way to do this is through the so-called WOW effect. This term, which has become very fashionable in recent years, refers to those activities or surprise factors that are included in the event and provide an added value that attracts the attention of the public, making them highly satisfied.

Personalize the event: connect with your guests

The first factor that any company or event organizer must keep in mind is that attendees are people before they are customers. Therefore, communication with them should be focused on proximity and personalization. Standardization is long behind us. Nowadays, what brings creativity and allows you to create experiences is personalization, through which you meet individual objectives despite addressing large crowds.

Publicize your event: beyond the guests in person

In this case, it is important to take into account the publication of your event when organizing, as there are different types of transmissionThe company’s social networks and streaming, among other channels, is essential to organize the distribution of space and search for materials necessary based on this aspect.

Likewise, publishing your event has great benefits. Some of these may be to position yourself as an expert in your area, give visibility to your brand or improve the image of the organization, both internally and externally.

Catering service: Golden&Smith by Valkiria

The catering of an event is decisive in its success or failure. All the elements you incorporate in the celebration or meeting, from the location to the decoration, have an influence, but the caterer has the last word. In Valkiria we know that, that’s why we trust Golden&Smith by Valkiria for the catering of our events.

Golden&Smith by Valkiria
offers a gastronomic proposal based on quality products and wellness. Its objective is to offer a viable and unfashionable option that is sustainable over time. Therefore, they offer a daily menu of seasonal products and own elaboration, which you can enjoy from Monday to Friday from 12:00h to 16:00h. In addition, they have recently incorporated an afterwork every Friday from 19h, where you can enjoy good food and drinks accompanied by live music.

Good customer service: kindness and friendliness

Another aspect that goes hand in hand with catering is good service. This refers to the correct treatment of the client throughout the whole process, that is, from the moment we are hired and the organization of the event begins until the end of the event, in order to be recommended. Thus, the essential ingredients are kindness and friendliness .

From Valkiria Hub Space we are aware of these tips to design the ideal event and we put them into practice in each and every one of them. Our team, thanks to innovation, creativity and strategy, is able to create your tailor-made event to impact your audience.


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