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What do we take care of?

Events have changed. With change comes innovation, creativity and new possibilities. We’ll help you create unique experiences no matter where your audience is and how you UNITE people. Don’t be afraid of change

We present our team building catalog with 18 proposals that adapt to different work groups and their needs.

You will find recreational, gastronomic, artistic, cultural, environmental and competitive activities, whose main objective is to strengthen teamwork.

We select the best and most innovative ideas focused on human talent.

Our hub has its own restaurant, which offers a fresh, healthy and creative gastronomic proposal. We are open from Monday to Friday with a wide range of breakfast, brunch and daily menu.

We work hand in hand with our catering partners to offer a catering service totally customized to the client’s taste.

Personnel for events

We take care of the hiring, supervision and coordination of highly qualified personnel for all types of events. We have hostesses, ushers, entertainers, access control, waiters and more.

We guarantee the success of your event with our staff.

We like to think about the details, even the smallest ones. For us, every detail counts, and the furniture is one of the most important elements to make your event shine.

The choice of each piece has to have a reason why. At Valkiria we advise you in the process so that your event looks just as you imagined it.

We have qualified professionals in photography and videography so that our events have the success we are always looking for.

Thanks to the work of our staff of experts, we are able to capture the best moments of your event and produce quality audiovisual material that immortalizes every event.

We take care of the decoration, design of stands, production and setting of spaces for events, such as fairs, congresses, corporate activities, sports, music festivals, pop-ups, etc.

Tell us your idea and we will take care of offering you different options to make your event a success.

Creating an impactful, innovative and successful event is much more than a good idea: it requires experience, equipment and planning.

Our team will put all its knowledge, effort and creativity to give shape to your ideas in order to co-create together a people-focused experience that will surprise and leave an impression on all participants.

The real power of video to create, design and transmit the essence of your brand is now possible with The Studio by Valkiria.

Our recording studio offers different options, such as creating professional videos to capture the attention of your target, as well as generating totally innovative transmissions in real time.

Connect with your audience in a 360º environment. Our great ally is POLx.

Virtual does not have to feel distant. We bring people together by combining innovative formats and new technologies to foster genuine opportunities for connection, learning and entertainment.

Reaching wider audiences with a high-impact visual proposition, tailor-made scenarios, cost reduction and biosecurity are the keys to this new era of events.

Plató Valkiria is a service that allows the use of 8 different spaces in our two warehouses, Valkiria Hub Space and Valkiria IFF for recording or transmission of any type of audiovisual product. Advertising spots, movies, events, and whatever your project requires.

Each of these spaces is designed to meet the different needs of productions and enrich the recording experience.

Shall we have a coffee?

With good coffee, meetings are more enjoyable. Let’s write to sit down over coffee and tell us what project you have in mind so we can advise you from start to finish.

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    To inquire about our event spaces, please send us an email at with as much information as you have. You can mention the number of people, type of event, dates, schedules, catering services, audiovisuals, etc. We will send you a fast and accurate quotation as soon as possible. We will be happy to help you!