OFF LLUM BCN 2020 An explosion of light in 22@.

Valkyrie HUB Space had an installation in OFF LLUM BCN 2020: A light explosion in 22@. On February 14, 15 and 16, the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona was transformed into a luminous and experiential laboratory, filled with light with the great festival of light art. Llum BCN 2020 and surprising all visitors with scenarios full of lighting, virtual reality, movement and artificial intelligence.

Off Llum Poblenou

Llum BCN Poblenou Barcelona Valkiria

The bet

A great challenge for the senses and a great journey through the lights. Important international artists and creators moved their works in the streets and buildings of the city comtal. Valkiria was part of the OFF Llum BCN 2020, an alternative route to the Llum BCN festival that seeks to put the focus on experimental light art and proposals for local spaces to encourage not only the discovery of the streets, but the spaces of creation and innovation that make up the creative community established in Poblenou.

Virtual reality Llum Barcelona

The new space of Valkiria IFF was transformed into an experiential installation where you could enjoy an interactive tour, see the body transformed into particles of energy and finally enjoy a show of audiovisual proposals from different artists. digital and creative. We were very fortunate to have FrameMov and Rental SP, who made possible in our space a light festival that attracted hundreds of people. Thanks to this, the installation OFF LLUM BCN 2020: A light explosion in 22@ was attended and interacted with by more than 600 people during the three days of the event, including tourists, Poblenou residents, business people and entire families.

Llum Barcelona Events

Each year, Valkiria presents innovative, striking and daring proposals that leave those who visit the facilities with a unique experience that has an impact on the event. For this reason, together with companies from the MICE sector, a value proposition is designed for each edition that goes beyond the casual attraction and strives to create interactive and entertaining spaces.





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