Has fate ever taken you by surprise?

Well, I’ve just had another one do it again…. the reason is my integration to the GFWF Foundation.

The word Fate may sound very quantum and ethereal, but you know as well as I do, that opportunities never happen by chance. They only knock on the door if they find you working and open to new experiences.

It was also no coincidence that when I met Simon Dolan, he was working on the Future of Work and holding the chair with the same name from ESADE in 2015 when I met him.

Another person I deeply admire, personally and professionally for his vision of Education and the connection with our passions and skills is the Director of Global Insights and Strategic Initiatives at ESADE, Ivan Bofarrull. Visionary and Futurist, expert in new trends related to High School Education. He was the one who referred me to Simon Dolan. It is true that I was looking for sources of inspiration and references outside of here, especially in the USA. It is a country of great contrasts and contradictions, where it is necessary to work incessantly if you want to live with dignity, but also where there is already a vision of the new era of change and transformation, the Technological Revolution, which we are fortunate enough to be living in at this time. Ivan helped me connect the local with the Global, and that’s how I met Simon.

Simon Dolan is a self-made man, he survived the Jewish holocaust, perhaps that is why he developed a delicate and special sensitivity towards people. Simon has a great ability for human connection, and so he extends his emotional empathy into the work environment and connects it with indescribable ease to the new trends that are creeping into our lives, stealthily and presciently.

Father of the Triaxial model, in which he recognizes the equilibrium model of the three levels of values, the economic, the ethical-social and the emotional. Through him I created Coaching by Values, gamified with his card games, with more than 70 books written.

Simon has a great professional background that he has been able to highlight by creating the GFWF Foundation and bringing together diverse talents with a global and international vision. All of us who have come on board are pursuing a common goal:

To support companies, educational institutions or even government agencies in building a new working environment, in a sustainable world, based on values. We want to prepare people who already feel part of this new paradigm and want to leave a legacy of sustainable well-being for future generations.

It is about starting a path of transformation, and for that you have to be prepared. Sometimes I am asked: “but your work, your team’s work, the Foundation’s work is very difficult, you have to break down a lot of stones to change the
But I always answer that you can only work with those who have already reached a level of Personal or Professional Transformation that allows them to see clearly and need more in any subject, more learning, more sharing, more experiences, in short, who want to continue GROWING.

My trajectory during the last 8 years has been focused on creating a community of companies and people with a special interest in Innovation applied to the work environment, with an international connection. In 2014 when we started this journey with Valkiria Hub Space, and in 2019 we will continue it, with the opening of a new Technology Hub. By stepping out of my comfort zone, and working under a “co-hiving” or co-creation hive approach, I have been looking for a symbiotic way to create alliances that enhance our vision of this Present-Future. This is why the GFWF Foundation’s work can be more efficient and reach a more global, more international environment, but at the same time closer and more similar.

I want to bring you closer to the changes I have mentioned, related to the new currents that are bringing us closer to the Future of Work and therefore I want to introduce you to these 5 fundamental levers, which will give you obvious signs. These indicators show the degree of transformation of the people that make up an organized system, in the form of a company, team, area, or individual.

(I clarify that this degree of Transformation brings us closer or farther away from the necessary changes to reach the ideal and necessary state to face the new challenges that the environment and the Future of Work have in store for us).

Think about how many of these levers you already have in place, or are in place, or haven’t even considered, and where do they place you or your organization? or, in other words, at what level of consciousness or advancement are you at?

  • Humanize your Organization, your Team, your Environment

You cannot face changes and adaptations according to the Future of Work if you do not have a strategy based on the development of individual talent. In which passion and profession are aligned. For them, programs can be developed that turn Training into Transformation.

  • Power an Exponential Consciousness

We are living through vertiginous changes due to technology, this should lead us to reflect on how do you want to continue living, what model or reference point do you want to follow, how are you interacting with your
living environment, i.e. customers, partners, collaborators, employees?

  • Bringing Value to the World

Values have to be part of our DNA, and I am not only referring to corporate values, but those of each person who is part of our immediate environment of action. They are the ones that are closest to our behavior and allow us to transform beliefs. do you think that the values
can change the world today or in the future?

  • Bridging the Technology Gap

The Talent…. Technology no longer depends on the size of the company or the sector in which it is located, sooner or later a part of your processes will be technified. What level of progress have you reached so far?

  • Acts Massively

Vision and ideas without execution lead nowhere. When designing actions, it is important to act locally and think globally, it brings us closer to other replicable models that can provide us with vision and strategy. How do you plan your mass action, that of your organization? Do you value and measure it?

The Foundation has a great team of experts and professionals. If you would like to meet the co-founding members and the Foundation’s team, please visit //globalfutureofwork.com/

Attached is a short video in which together with Simon and as an informal interview, we explain our vision of this union and where we want it to take us. I hope you like it and follow our schedule of events at //www.valkiria.barcelona/.

I would like to share with you some of the projects we are already developing together with the GFWF:

  • Summit 2019-2020
  • Filling the GAP DDOT together with BDT
  • Experiential Valkiria High Tech Lab (New Technology Hub)

Yolanda Triviño

CEO & Founder Valkiria

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