True wealth is the wealth that grows when it is shared.

This Tuesday we were at the VI Conference organized by the Observatori Dona Empresa Economia, at Caixa Fòrum. It was really inspiring, we learned that true wealth is that which grows when it is shared. Pilar Almagro, from Vertisub, gave us a presentation on the concept of wealth, and Idili Lezcano, from Alqvimia, reflected on the importance of feminine wisdom in business.

What is wealth? True wealth is that which grows when it is shared. We, as a company, have to generate economic benefits in order to be sustainable and continue working. But these economic benefits are not our wealth. The people and values that make our dreams come true are our real wealth: from the team to the coworkers that make the Valkiria community even bigger and our clients, who trust us to organize events or advise them on their projects. And as the title of this post says.

We learned many things during the day. For example, did you know that company managers only spend 2% of their time THINKING? Yes, you read that right: two percent.

That says a lot about the times we are living in and the change we want, and that we are beginning to perceive: that new paradigmnew way of doing things, with a new way of doing things, with a new more feminine approach which, as Lezcano said in his talk and we always emphasize, is also a man’s property since, just like us, we have typically masculine capabilities, they also possess feminine qualities. And the men who connect with their feminine side first will be the first to enter the new economic and social paradigm that is blossoming.

With these inputs received today, we reaffirm the content and the need for our seminar on November 27th: ‘Women Talent Seminar: How to grow your business through Innovation & Technology’, and it is that…
the world needs female talent!

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