Golden&Smith; A proposal of healthy and proximity food that you can now enjoy

Valkira reopens its restaurant doors. The pandemic has helped us to focus on our health and come back with renewed proposals and options such as vegetarian and vegan ones. Let’s keep up the good atmosphere and good work!

On Wednesday, September 8, Golden&Smith by Valkiria opens its doors with a gastronomic offer based on quality products and wellness.

Golden&Smith is here to break the stigma that eating out is a ‘cheat meal’.

Golden&Smith by Valkyrie
Logo Golden&Smith by Valkiria

What is Golden&Smith?

Its very name captures the essence that we want to transmit to you. Golden and Granny Smith are two varieties of apples, a necessary staple for a good diet and with 1001 possible combinations. Year-round perennials, affordable, digestible, never out of style and never boring. This is what we want to be, a viable option that is sustainable over time. From Adam and Eve, with courage, to the present day!

What do we offer?

A daily menu of seasonal products and own elaboration, which you can enjoy from Monday to Friday from 12:00h to 16:00h.

We invite you to Golden&Smith. A comfortable and inspiring space, where you can take a break in your day. A refreshing and healthy culinary proposal. You can find the menu updated every week on the restaurant’s social networks.

We leave you a sample in visual format of what you can find in our Golden&Smith restaurant. We warn you that it is a highly appetizing content, you will not be able to resist trying it. We are waiting for you!


You can make your reservation by calling 933 095 047.

In addition, you can find…

You can enjoy our fridge with local products for your daily breaks: energy bars, juices and smoothies, granola and homemade yogurts and much more.

Ah! And we can also organize proposals with our line of food&gadgets packs for corporate events or special celebrations. Ask us and we will respond to your needs or illusions.


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