V International Congress on Coaching x Values

We could not have started the year in a better way: Last Saturday, January 26, was the long-awaited day of the 5th Congress of CoachingxValues at Valkyrie Hub Eventswhere more than 150 coaches and consultants came together to join forces, visions and experiences and to talk about the latest trends that are developing every day not only in the workplace but in all aspects of our lives.

Values are that compass that shows us the right path, the ones that push us to act without expecting anything in return, only seeking personal satisfaction and fulfillment by aligning what we are with what we do; a guide for our daily behavior and part of our identity as people.

The congress was a point of convergence of all those who join the movement of “Changing the World through Values” . A day in which certificates, experts and trainers in the methodology of coaching x values are the real protagonists. At the conference, we discovered the latest trends and innovations in the methodology from its creator, Simon Dolan, President and Co-Founder of the Global Future of Work Foundation, professor of the Future of Work Chair at ESADE, work psychologist and writer of more than 70 books.

Next, David Alonso, Founder and CEO of CoachingxValores and expert in coaching processes, Simon’s partner for the dissemination of the metolodogy; and Laura Moncho, co-founder of Coaching x Valores and personal coach expert in relationships, explained to us what the resolutions and actions for the coming year were: among them a workshop on the use of the tool “The Value of Values”, the birth of specializations for people already certified who want to learn more deeply about a specific field, the presentation of a new online diagnostic tool for Leadership based on values: LeadershipbyValues, or the creation of a new online program: Connect with your values.

We were also accompanied by great professionals such as Anne Igartiburu, a communicator for more than 25 years, an expert in coaching by values with special attention to emotion and identity, and trained by some of the best in the industry such as Tony Robins. Anne talked about how a person’s own inherent values can help with self-expression and public speaking.

Subsequently Nelson Ramos shared with us.
“How the CoachingxValues methodology is helping young people discover their exciting future.”

He explained his 6-step method to discover your life purpose and how he is applying it in Portugal in his workshops for young people. He also explained that it helps them to identify their 5 Core Values as a fundamental pillar in this process.

Paz Ortiz, expert in coachingxValues, trainer, lecturer and teacher, was in charge of presenting the Mindfulness by Values concept, stressing the importance of living in the present moment. Paz also spoke to us about the importance of being from the “conscious doing”, that is, the importance of active calmness in the face of any problem or crisis situation. that is, the importance of active calm in the face of any problem or crisis situation.

Toño Galán, expert and trainer in coachingxvalores, manager of high performance teams, retail trainer and executive coach, spoke to us about Selection by Values, and made reference to the new values that new collaborators can bring to companies.

Likewise, Judith Maduro, certified in CoachingxValues, personal coaching and author, talked about how values can have a positive impact on saying goodbye to a toxic relationship. He then told us his personal story of overcoming an unfortunate relationship and for a few moments he achieved a reflective silence in the room.

Encarna Medina
recalled how was the publication that several authors did with Simon Dolan of the book “Values: the compass for people and organizations of the future”, last Sant Jordi 2018. And then he gave way to the creator of the Coaching by Values Methodology who told us
what he is working on and what are the advances in the Methodology.
. He spoke mainly about 3 aspects:

The creation of a new tool to detect, through the game, if the person suffers from chronic stress and what to do to overcome it. This tool is based on her studies on stress that are published in books such as “Self-esteem, stress and work”.

Advances in the epigenetics of values confirm the need to identify, prioritize and put our values into action, since, according to the hypotheses of his studies, this change would affect up to two generations later.

What’s new in the new revised and expanded edition of the book “Coaching by Values”, with more practical tools and new chapters on the application in different areas such as personal, business and relationships.

Values are implicit in all areas of our lives and in all phases of our lives. During the congress, topics such as leadership through values, how to adapt to a new environment and culture in a new country, how young people rely on methodology to discover their future or how to break emotional chains while respecting your values, etc… It was very interesting to learn first-hand about the decisive role that values play in our lives. The speakers made us very aware of this by explaining their own stories and visions.

It was undoubtedly a magical day, thanks to the speakers, collaborators, support team and of course, the attendees who managed to create a unique atmosphere!

“Let’s Change the World through Values.”

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