WWi Summit 2016

How employee experience can help organizations change their mindset

November 24: Best Practices in Organizations: Employee Journey Experience

The third edition of
World Work Innovation (WWI) Summit 2016
The Innohub, which was held on November 24 and 25 in Barcelona, became an international meeting of change activator experts specialized in innovation at work and inspiring and renowned speakers at the The Innohub WWi Valkyrie Barcelona, became an international meeting of expert change activators specialized in work innovation and inspiring and world-renowned speakers. The event, focused on the Future of Work and the analysis of trends about what the working environment will be like in the coming years, unveiled innovative and disruptive ideas to improve the competitiveness of companies and people and, ultimately, for organizations to make employees happier.

An event in which we learned to innovate together in a new work environment in which we designed our own experiential journey and reflected on how to improve the organization through our work.

Access the complete information: http://bit.ly/2jb2M7f



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