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Wellness in Valkiria in 12h Non Stop

Valkiria Social is committed to open the doors to all visitors of Poblenou, this is why we join the 12h Non Stop initiative of Poblenou Urban District in a day of wellness in Valkiria Hub Space this October 17.

For this occasion, we have created a program of free classes designed for those who want to explore the world of health and wellness with Artemis, Blue Salt School and Virayoga.

Below you will find the program and the registration links for the different activities. Each class has a limited capacity of 20 people, thinking about the health and prevention of all attendees, instructors and visitors to Valkiria.

Functional Training related to surfing – 9:00h

Suitable for all levels. We will work on hip mobility, balance and strength.

group class valkiria events

YOGA – 10:00h

Suitable for all levels. We will perform movements and breathing that will help us in our daily life and in the practice of surfing or stand up paddle. If possible bring comfortable clothes and a smile on your face.

Blue sale school Poblenou

Surf initiation – 11:00h

Suitable for all levels. We will explain surfing as a sport and way of life, basic surfing positions and take off.

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Yoga Pilates – 12:00h

Suitable for all levels. We will work on breathing, core, spine lengthening and postural correction. Adapting the exercises to the needs of each individual…

Pilates and yoga in functional training

Virayoga 13:00h

Virayoga means “the yoga of the warrior”, for this reason, the practice of Virayoga wants to awaken our inner power, a power that is integrally related to the attitude with which we face life. Empowerment, presence, laterality and self-confidence are the main words that define this new style of yoga. From traditional Hatha Yoga and different Martial Arts a new way of feeling yoga is born.

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Initiation to Hatha Yoga – 14:00h

Enjoy a wonderful Hatha yoga class. Hatha yoga vinyasa is a practice that unites the asanas (postures) providing fluidity and balance, also incorporates pranayama, (prana management, vital energy).

12h non stop poblenou

Initiation to Ashtanga Yoga – 15:00h

(For people who want to get started in the practice)

Asthanga yoga is a dynamic practice that focuses on ujjay (sound) breathing, dristis (focus points) and application of bandhas (pelvic floor activation).

wellness 12h non stop

Meditation with Tibetan singing bowls – 16:00h

We will practice mindfulness exercises and guided meditations that will vary each class. It is for all levels, no previous experience is necessary and if you have it, you will be able to go deeper in what you need.

wellness Barcelona valkiria

Bistrot by Valkiria will also be part of this event.

During the course of the day, Bistrot By Valkiria will open its doors for all the neighbors of Poblenou and those who pass by looking to delight the palate with avant-garde dishes, tapas and drinks made to the measure and demand of all its customers.

Don’t miss all the activities we have for you at Valkiria Social and during the Wellness session at Valkiria in 12h Non Stop.

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