Do you want to join the interactive immersion?

Have you imagined a tool that allows the user to immerse themselves in an interactive experience? Whether you had imagined it or not, this tool is real, and it’s called POLX. In an increasingly digitalized and virtual-dominated environment, there is a need to create events through innovative and technological formulas.

Gaming as a key tool

Gamification, values and technology have come together to create the POLX platform. The game is a tool for motivation and team integration, which can put the focus on the values of a project or company in order to align them to attract the required talent.

POLX is a disruptive and innovative platform designed with the talent and effort of expert professionals in different areas such as gamification, values and technology. This will allow you to discover your values and achieve your goals, enhancing motivation, concentration and effort; applied to different sectors.


BIZBARCELONA 2021 from November 9 to 11, is an annual event that promotes innovation and talent, in order to support the revival of business and boost the entrepreneurial attitude of the city.

In this meeting, Valkiria, together with Marinva, Zinquo and POLX will implement again this tool, already tested in other events such as: Superminds Congress or Restart Events of the Catalan Tourism Agency. You can now check the integration of the tool in BIZBARCELONA.


In this event, through this platform, it will be possible to experience, through games and technology, the new models of open innovation applied to the corporate environment. A discovery of how values and their alignment are indispensable, and in turn, attendees will be able to live emotions and experiences that only through gamification will show how to adapt and know how to enjoy an environment that is as uncertain as it is stimulating.

A Smart tool

POLX is closely related to the Smart concept. It integrates the characteristics that make it a novel product linked to technology, in addition to integrating a formula that through gamification can access the value system.

The platform’s developers, Ramón Martínez, Esther Hierro, David Alonso and Iolanda Triviño, have a lot to tell about everything that is POLEX. In the first chapter of Smart Events by Valkiria available on YouTube and Spotify, you can see the presentation of POLX, we leave you with it.

If you’re still hungry for more, a new episode is coming soon, focusing on design thinking and disruptive innovation applied to events.

Are you joining the Smart revolution?


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