Do you believe that a Creative Tool can transform your work life?

On April 29th, starting at 9:00 am. will be held the Think Tank Creative Thinking, presented by the CEO of Manual Thinking, Luki Huber, the Founder of Valkiria Hub, Yolanda Triviño and the creative designer,
Josep Cano

It is a meeting to present the Innovation Cube of Valkiria Hub, a suspended structure and inspirational place converted into an Innovation Hub through Manual Thinking. The idea is to work in groups of companies and organizations with a view to Work Innovation . The creative designer Josep Cano will talk about how spaces are transformed to evolve towards the Future of Work.

After the talk and breakfast that we have prepared at Bistrot by Valkiria, an introductory Workshop with Manual Thinking will be held so that companies can generate and develop their ideas in a dynamic way.

As Valkiria Hub Founder, Yolanda Triviño, says,

Manual Thinking is one of the most innovative tools for the future of work because of the positive impact it has on organizations when used.

According to Luki Huber, CEO of Manual Thinking,

The great benefit of Manual Thinking is the explorative work. It costs the same to implement a bad idea as it does a good idea. With Manual Thinking we look for many ideas to keep, in the end, the best ones. Manual Thinking is very powerful because it turns the paper into a contract, a commitment between the whole team.

Take advantage of business meetings to look to the future.

The best use of Manual Thinking, apart from creativity issues, is to hold written meetings. If they are spoken, things get lost, forgotten and people can easily disrespect each other. People often use meetings to assert themselves. However, as you write, you relate the contributions of various team members, always looking to the future. We are all experts in working visually.

We work long hours in our lives and we don’t have to suffer. Work must be a beautiful thing.

Everyone catches the Manual Thinking bug

As Valkiria Hub Founder, Yolanda Triviño, says,

Organizations and companies are being inspired by the new process of devising, creating and doing things differently. Manual Thinking helps organize ideas and breaks down barriers. It is very visual and productive.

Shall we have breakfast together? From 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Workshop (3 hours and a half), from 10:30 am. to 14:00 h.

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