Virtual Events

Virtual does not have to feel distant

    We have the latest in the events industry.

    We bring people together by combining innovative formats and new technologies to foster genuine opportunities for connection, learning and entertainment.

    Technology as an ally

    At VALKIRIA we combine elements of virtual and live events to design a unique fusion. Attendees have the possibility, not only to enjoy the event online throughscreens within the same space, but they can live the experience of the live event and the behind the scenes of the digitality through our 25mt2 chroma.

    Reaching wider audiences with a high-impact visual proposal, customized scenarios, cost reduction and biosafety, make this modality an excellent option that is here to stay.

    Why virtual?

    • Multipurpose spaces
    • Team of professionals
    • No geographical barriers
    • Allows to reduce costs
    • Total customization
    • Safety and comfort
    • Unlimited assistants

    Types of events


    • Conferences
    • Seminars
    • Meetings
    • Exhibitions
    • Trade shows
    • Fairs
    • Workshops
    • Concerts
    • Stage performances
    • Television programs


    • Recording of advertising spots
    • Product launches
    • Photographic studio


    • VFX recording with chroma key (video effects)
    • Real-time VFX recording

    What do we take care of?

    • 3D virtual set creation with lighting integration Output to streaming on your social media channels
    • Streaming output with private server and embedded in your web site
    • Augmented reality integration and animated graphics realization
    • Integration of speakers anywhere in the world with video conferencing technology
    • Technical support throughout the event
    • Recording of the session Rehearsal of the event Cameras, lighting and control set
    • Controlled capacity with biosafety standards


    From any room of Valkiria HubSpace or Valkiria IFF you can have a streaming with the technical team in charge of the live broadcast of your event regardless of the broadcasting channel you prefer.

    Streaming platforms we use in Valkiria

    Gallery of virtual events

    Powerful and creative events

    Contact us to learn more

    We know you’re already thinking about what your event will look like, let’s make it happen.

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