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    Tech Room

    A versatile room for an innovative and inspiring event

    This space is ideal for innovative team building, training or networking sessions. The room is equipped with technological elements such as a sliding anti-reflective electric screen, a 45,000 lumens projector, a sound system and microphones with up to 6 inputs. The Tech Room has natural light and is adjacent to the Agora Room, so they can be connected for the same event with an even more impressive result for an event that will leave a mark.

    Types of events possible in the Tech Room


    What is the Tech Room like?

    The Tech Room is a 111 m2 space with innovative technological equipment for events with a capacity of 90 people in theater format and 45 people in classroom format. You can see the map below.

    Want to know more about this inspiring space?

    Services available

    Innovative technology

    At Valkiria IFF we can offer you technological solutions that will take your events to another level.

    We have additional lighting, 3D gastro-experiences with Table Mapping and interactive screen, as well as the possibility of creating audiovisual content, to co-create interactive experiences that will leave a mark.

    Co-creation of events

    To help you create an impactful, innovative and successful event, we have the experience, equipment and planning capabilities.

    Our team will bring all its knowledge and creativity to give shape to your ideas. If you are looking to co-create an inspiring and enriching experience for you and your attendees, tell us about the event you envision!

    Space rental

    Our multipurpose rooms and spaces can be adapted to your event: team building, creative work meeting, lecture, presentation, conference or press conference. We will adjust them to generate the ideal environment.

    In Valkiria IFF you will also find a 100 m2 terrace with food and beverage service where you can enjoy an enriching break or a networking moment.

    Catering service

    Valkiria IFF’s Tech Room is perfect to enjoy the gastronomic experiences we propose.

    Bistrot by Valkiria and our entire team will design and prepare the cocktail, menu or tasting that best suits your type of event. If you have a special idea for the perfect event, just tell us about it!

    Why choose Valkyrie?

    Different functional and multipurpose spaces strategically located in 22@ to adapt to any type of event.

    Great creative team specialized in innovative events and future of work that will help you co-create an event to your needs.

    Extensive network of companies, universities and technology centers with which you can develop partnerships and exchanges.

    Restaurant that offers gastronomic experiences and an agile catering service focused on the objectives of your event.

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