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    40 M2

    25 Px




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    Kreativity Room

    A room where the most original ideas flow.

    This 40 m2 space has been designed to foster creativity. Natural light falls from the glass ceiling to illuminate a large blackboard wall where the ideas of all attendees can be captured. The room shows an industrial character, with surprising touches that are inspiring. It is the ideal venue for small to medium-sized events, with a capacity of up to 25 people, such as exhibitions, trainings, working sessions or brainstorming.

    Types of events possible in Kreativity Room


    What is Kreativity Room like?

    Kreativity Room is located on the second floor, in a privileged place where you can create with complete freedom. You can see the map below:

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    Services available

    Space rental

    Valkiria HUB has the room that best fits the event you want to create. If you are looking for a space for an inspirational talk, training or team building session, Kreativity Room is ideal to make it a success.

    Tell us what kind of event you want to create: we will take care of proposing and preparing the perfect space.

    Co-creation of events

    An inspirational meeting or a large format event? No matter what the modality or capacity, at Valkiria we have the experience and creativity to give shape to your ideas.

    Together, we can co-create an event that will surprise participants and leave a lasting impression.

    Bistrot by Valkiria

    Our HUB has its own restaurant, with the same innovative and creative essence of Valkiria.

    In addition to a wide range of breakfasts, brunches and daily menus, it can be transformed into a gastronomic space for all kinds of events, which is a differential fact for the whole experience.

    Why choose Valkyrie?

    Different functional and multipurpose spaces strategically located in 22@ to adapt to any type of event.

    Great creative team specialized in innovative events and future of work that will help you co-create an event to your needs.

    Extensive network of companies, universities and technology centers with which you can develop partnerships and exchanges.

    Restaurant that offers gastronomic experiences and an agile catering service focused on the objectives of your event.

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