Evolution and transformation of our brand and DNA

Valkyrie’s Summum Bonnum, or search for identity, has been focused since late 2017 on creating a new brand identity and strategic approach. This is why we present our Evolution and transformation of our brand and DNA.

We evolved from a concept previously based on a more physical and spatial concept to a knowledge community formed by change activators who want to transform talent under a framework of the Future of Work and the Digital Transformation we are living. To this end, we have created our next Tech Talent Hub project, which will see the ideas and projects that will be developed there in the spring.

And all this is born this year 2019, now we will reap the fruits of this work that we have done especially for you. Because you motivate us every day and give meaning to our continuous reinvention.

Creación es uno de los conceptos más completos e increíbles que existen

Creation is part of our Leiv Motiv. It constitutes a faculty of the person that arises thanks to work, which allows him to form a new reality with the material at his disposal (based on the knowledge of the laws of the objective world) to satisfy his multiple social needs.

¿Por qué desde Valkiria necesitamos crear para evolucionar y Transformar nuestro ADN?

Because the need to create pushes us to constantly evolve our strategy, and this leads us to transform our DNA and identifying brand.

We wanted to remain faithful to our identity, without losing our origins that made us bet on a converted industrial space, in the use and concept of the industrial reconversion of the 50’s in the U.S. cities like Chicago, Manchester or New York.

We have continued with the same reconversion and use of spaces in 22@. Our next Tech Talent Hub will be just 200 meters away from Valkiria Actual. Integrating ourselves more and more in the living and changing environment of this area of Barcelona, where the looks and bets in its development do not stop growing.

¿Cómo definimos el Summum Bonnum de nuestra identidad?

We are a brand that vibrates with everything that happens around us. It gives us meaning and motives to continue growing and developing. Talent and Innovation are the fundamental pillars of our work.

Valkyrie is identified in 4 main values although there are many more values that are included in them.

Passion for what we do

Focus on Talent and People

Innovation in the workplace

Sustainability with social impact

Our identity is alive and in constant change and evolution. Our records are based on the wisdom of knowledge, exploration and creation.

VALKIRIA is WISE, it uses intelligence and analysis to expand its knowledge and position itself as a benchmark in the labor innovation sector.

VALKIRIA is CREATOR, she is always there. a step forward, materializing innovative ideas into real facts that seek to improve the future of work.

VALKIRIA is EXPLORADORA, she is authentic, independent and daring. It is always. in search of new challenges. Valkyrie must therefore surprise and inspire with new ideas, tools, products and information that seek to improve the future of work.

¿De qué manera trabajamos nuestro Summum Bonnum ?

Following that interest in searching for our real identity, and moving to another more evolved plane we have created three lines of action on which we have been working since 2017. Valkyrie’s identity is divided into three lines of action:

Valkyrie Hub Events

Valkyrie Community

Valkiria Tech Talent Hub

¿Cómo es el nuevo User Journey Experience que te proponemos?

We present you our new Digital Channels through our web site


In these New Sites, we propose a user experience journey, the tour takes you through an experiential journey, which has stations where you can stop to go through the contents in greater depth.

We wanted to reflect how we innovate with our methodologies, in a very brief, visual and intuitive way. That is, how through knowledge we can transform spaces and integrate them in the most innovative way with the people who work in them.

Valkiria’s new digital web channel is structured in three parts Valkiria’s mother website where you can see who we are, our philosophy and vision.

Two other websites are based on it Valkyrie Hub Events Valkiria Hub Events, which brings together our more than 300 corporate events that we organize every year, 20 of them are our own.

The second web channel is Valkyrie Community This is an ad-hoc community that we have designed for Valkiria’s members and users, where the objective is the transfer of knowledge and the connection with local and international talent around labor innovation.

The third digital web channel currently under development is the Tech Talent Hub website. The content is under development, as is the project itself, as it consists of a working process, which has led us to transform, as I said before, another new industrial building, but under a technological laboratory format, where hybrid experiences can be carried out, moving from the physical to the digital, with knowledge as the fundamental basis.

¿Sabes a quién hemos escogido para crear nuestra nueva marca Digital?

The Valkiria team Cecilia Bracco and Flor Cepero have led the new Valkiria web project, and the company that has given life to our experiential journey in digital format is A Small Job. A company led by Juan Pablo Sánchez that has been located in our Hub for more than 3 years, specialized in Inbound Marketing.


¿Por qué hemos creado una herramienta 3D para visualizar el futuro de los espacios de trabajo?

We have created, together with Jennifer Mouradian from the company Vivir 3D, the 3D tool to visualize our spaces, for the moment we have launched the Tech Talent Hub. Valkiria Hub Events Soon we will also have available the Tech Talent Hub so that you can visualize it with this tool.

It is much more than a virtual tour, it allows you advantages such as the 3D Dollhouse view for a global view of the spaces, the guided tour and the possibility of embedding videos, photos or links to be able to book the spaces directly online.

These applications are part of the future of the work environment, in its most physical and functional form, as they say in the USA, to transform the workplace into the best place to work where you can be inspired to create and innovate.


¿Qué significado tienen estas herramientas digitales para la  Comunidad de Valkiria?

Valkiria Community are all those companies, institutions and organizations, in general, that have initiated a transformation process, not only digital, but at a more fundamental level such as people. Our community is made up of change activators.

From everything I have been telling you in this post, you will have already realized that Valkiria does not only want to have new digital channels, whether web or content in our networks. We go much further and we want to achieve this through our community.

Valkiria Community is a business community specialized in labor innovation. We believe in people as the center of organizations from a systemic point of view. Based on creativity, we focus on generating a community of change activators to empower talent and cultural transformation, helping to create new management models that are more productive, sustainable and, above all, that generate a positive impact on society.

Work equals People, therefore the Valkiria Community launches the E-Community, a platform where members exchange knowledge, projects, ideas and plans around labor innovation, in order to adapt to changes in organizations and be part of a futuristic concept of talent.

It only remains for me to invite you to discover our new virtual universe, in which our Summum Bonnum is to bring together the best activators of change and launch new proposals to create a better world and work environment.

Building a Better Working World Join our Community?

Yolanda Triviño

CEO & Founder of Valkiria Innovation


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