We are at the heart of innovation

Valkiria Hub Events is located in Barcelona’s 22@ district, an innovative ecosystem that follows the urban model of innovation integrated into the city.

22@ recovers Poblenou, a fundamental neighborhood in the Catalan industrial revolution, which had fallen into decline after the closure of many of its factories. It is a revitalization of the area from an integrated approach, creating one of the first urban innovation districts, a model that can be seen in cities such as London, Hamburg, Helsinki, Boston, Seoul, Moscow, Miami, Berlin, Manchester or Leeds.

Housing and green spaces share space with business institutions and organizations, training and research centers, startups, incubators and business accelerators. All in a limited geographical area that favors the relationship and transfer of knowledge among the different participating agents.

22@Network BCN: generating synergies.

Valkiria is a member of the board of directors and leads the Talent Commission of the business association 22@Network BCN. This is where the district’s main organizations come together: large companies, universities and technology centers, and a network of SMEs and startups with activities in the area. More than 125 agents working in a network in a dynamic and transforming space, where technology plays a fundamental role.

Within 22@Network we lead the Talent Commission and create a knowledge network in the District environment, with global projection.

Thus, we promote a broad program of events for the development and attraction of talent, always with a multicultural and networking approach.

To live in 22@ is to be in the place where things happen.

Working with Valkiria Hub Events is to get in touch with the heart of creativity and business growth not only in the city of Barcelona, but also in one of the innovative districts of reference in southern Europe.

Our network is constantly growing and expanding

Our international connections provide us with references for inspiring new models.

Precisely one of the activities of Valkiria Hub Events are the Innovation Tours, guided routes through 22@ that take advantage of this inspiring environment with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, technology, creativity and design.

Barcelona Digital Talent Alliance

The 22@ talent commission will be part of the new BTA project, Barcelona Digital Talent Alliance. An initiative – driven by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech City,Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona City Council, GSMA y 22@Network, in which Valkyrietogether with a group of companies, leads its Talent Commission – BTA starts to position the city of Barcelona as a hub of digital talent, and convergence point of digital skills, required for a new market that is growing in the present and immediate future.

The main objective of the initiative is focused on the creation and retention of professionals with ‘digital skills’ by attracting both local and international talent in Barcelona.

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